Automatic Search & Documentation for Nurses.

Nobody likes documentation, except us. Improve documentation accuracy, reduce workforce burnout, and double your productivity overnight with Ambient Documentation for Nurses.

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Nurses can spend 40% of their shift doing documentation. We double your productivity with a copilot that finds the right people, fills out your flowsheets and OASIS paperwork.

1+ hours
Documentation time saved per day
Revenue Boost Per R.N.
More accurate documentation

Packed with Features that Delight Across Your Organization

HIPAA Compliant SMS

Increase e-visit volume by giving patients an easy way to contact their doctor through a HIPAA compliant phone number they can text. Messages from physicians will show up as texts on a patient's phone, boosting compliance and engagement.

Patient Facing Estimates.

When a patient messages a medically relevant question they are automatically asked to opt-in to an e-visit and told how much this e-visit will cost them out of pocket based on their insurance. Unlike a blanket 'you may be billed' disclaimer, this encourages patients to move forward with an e-visit because often times their out of pocket cost is under $5.

Just Hit Play.

Focus on what matters most - your patients. No more scrambling to type notes while you listen and care.

Files In Your EHR

Accurate and complete documentation is generated automatically and filed within your EHR.

Really, Really Accurate.

Our scribe has been trained on thousands of different flowsheets and OASIS forms, but don't just take our word for it. We offer a free trial so you can see for yourself.

Revenue Increase

By capturing the whole conversation, we can identify additional billable interactions that may be overlooked by a staff member doing the documentation themselves. This opens up previously missed opportunities for receiving insurance reimbursements.

Greater Productivity

Studies show that over 40% of a nurses time is spent doing documentation. Ambient documentation is a powerful way to free up valuable staff time, almost doubling the productivity of your workforce overnight.

Meru Integrates Directly with Your EHR

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Meru is free to try, just sign up for an interactive demo. Our pricing scales with usage and number of providers, and we offer a 30 day money back garauntee on all our plans. Get started today!