Crazy Fast AI Applications.

Build, Deploy, and Scale Highly Responsive Apps with Custom Language Models.

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Smaller Models, Custom Built.

10x Faster Responses.

No matter how you are using LLMs, your latency is tens of seconds longer than it needs to be. Design custom languge models and engineer responsive applications your users will love from the ground up.

Scale Your Input Data
Meru takes small datasets and automatically cleans and supplements them so you can generate a robust, application-specific model. Specify adversarial prompts and Meru will even generate examples that are robust to them.
80% Smaller Models
Your data is used to train custom, highly-effective that are much smaller than bloated, one-size-fits-all LLMs. Models trained on Meru are owned entirely by you, and can be deployed on commodity CPU hardware.
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Drag and Drop, Connect to Anything.

Robust Language Chains.

Because your custom-built models are so fast, you can compose them with APIs, external data sources, embedding stores, and more to create complex, versatile, and robust applications with that don't timeout.

Powerful Visual Interface
Use our visual application builder to chain together prompts, scripts, API calls, custom language models, and other tools with simple drag and drop blocks. No coding required.
Share, Monitor, and Scale
Share applications with your team via auto-generated API endpoints, and monitor your performance and usage with built in analytics.
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End-to-End Transparency

Host With Us (Or Don't).

Flexible deployment options for so that maximize convenience, security, and cost.

One-Click Hosting

Once you publish and workflow with Meru, it is automatically hosted on our servers. We provide custom endpoints that can be used to make predictions on your model as part of a larger application.

On Premise Deployment

Since you own the models you train on Meru, you can download a containerized version of your application and run it anywhere you would like. Get in touch with us to unlock this feature as part of an enterprise plan.

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Flexible Hardware Options

Applications built on Meru run on smaller models, which means they can deliver fast inference on CPU hardware. So, whether your hosting on premise or with us, save money by running on CPUs.