Secure AI, Built for Your Enterprise.

Powerful generative search that you own, deployed on your infrastructure.

A Private Intelligence Agent for Your Organization.

Efficient Proprietary Knowledge Transfer.

Meru helps organize and share your organization's most vital assets.

Reduce Turnover Costs

Meru helps you capture knowledge from your best employees and makes it accessible to the rest of your team. Onboard new employees efficiently by providing them with an intelligent agent, trained on your company’s best practices.

Share with Key Clients

Transfer knowledge to your clients with a click of a button. Upload client-specific knowledge within your private server and create an intelligence agent in seconds. Your agents can be exported and shared with clients via a simple link.

Summarize and Analyze at Lightspeed

Meru parses your proprietary data to help you create reports, summaries, and more. Meru runs up to 40x faster than traditional GPT-based application, allowing you to synthesize knowledge in milliseconds.

Communicate with your data.

Sharing proprietary information across your organization has never been easier. Host a central intelligance interface for your organization with Meru. Your data never leaves your network, and you can control who has access to what.

Self Serve. Crazy Fast.
Meru takes small datasets and automatically cleans and supplements them so you can generate a robust, application-specific model. Go ahead, try us out in the browser.
Save Money. Control Your Compute.
Because Meru is deployed on your servers, you control your compute costs and architecture. High-performance GPUs or existing CPU hardware? The choice is yours.

Say Goodbye to Ctrl + F,
Say Hello to Secure Generative Search