Designed with Agencies in Mind.

At Meru, we only make money only when we help you make money.

We offer multiple options. Three distinct and flexible pricing models based on your needs.

Freezing + Protection

Per API Call
Meru will only charge your end customers a fee for freezing a flight. You will not be charged any additional fees.
Price Freezing
Price Drop Protection
Advanced Customer Support
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Offsets + Modelling

Per API Call
Access our price modelling and carbon offset APIs to add additional intelligence to your platform.
Carbon Offsetting via API
Model Future Prices via API
Advanced Customer Support
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Custom development of a white-labeled web portal that your agents or travelers can use directly. Pricing not inclusive of API costs.
Custom Development
API costs are not included
Enterprise level support (responses in 3-6 hours)
Enterprise Authentication
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99% Uptime

Meru's APIs are engineered robustly for high performance.

Drive  Revenue

Meru pays for itself by allowing you to differentiate  & increase margins

Mark-up friendly.

Agencies mark-up price freezes by 10-15% before presenting them.

Support Included.

Our talented engineers will reply to any support inquiries within 6hrs

Got a question about our prices? Here are some answers to common some common questions. Don't see an answer? Email us and we'll get back to you, fast!

Are there any installation fees? 

Meru charges a one-time engagement fee of $500 to onboard a new agency. This fee will be waived for select launch partners. If you would like to become a launch partner, please get in touch for more information.

How do you make money on your Price Freezing/Drop Protection API? 

This API returns a cost to lock-in a fare up to 7 days. When a fare is locked in, Meru receives the money, and if the lock-in expires, we keep it. There are additional fees associated with the usage of this API.

How can Meru help me drive ancillary revenue?

Most of our clients mark-up the lock-in cost returned by our Price Freezing API by 10-15%. When their clients choose to freeze a fare, they capture this additional revenue. Meru takes all the risk associated with the fare increasing, so you get to keep this money, risk-free.

Some clients similarly charge a 'Platform Fee' or mark-up on the emissions cost returned by our carbon-offsetting API. When a client chooses to offset the carbon cost of a ticket, agents keep the mark-up as a reward for facilitating the transaction.

Why do you charge transaction fees on some APIs? 

We charge a transaction fee on our price modelling API and Carbon Offsetting API because we do not get any direct revenue from these APIs. Any money sent to Meru via the Carbon Offsetting API is used to purchase carbon offsets on your customer's behalf. Our price modelling API is offered as a service to help agencies differentiate themselves and draw consumer interaction.

Am I charged for API Calls that Error? 

Absolutely not. It is our policy to only charge for API calls that resolve with a 200 Status code. For any API calls that error, you are not charged and we encourage you to contact us with more information about the issue. Remember, you are never charged for our Price Freezing/Drop Protection API unless you choose to lock-in a price.

How do I pay Meru?

When you setup an account with Meru, we keep your credit card on file through Stripe, a leading third-party payment provider. Your card information is not visible to us and is only charged when you use our APIs. Every week, we will send you a detailed invoice on your transactions, and you are encouraged to contact us if you see any issues.

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