AI-Powered Messaging

Meru Messaging Suite is a set of AI-powered features that reduce doctor's time to reply to messages

Built to be simple for Developers. Our functionalities come as part of two distinct API packages, and are based on REST.

1. Price Freezing + Price Drop Protection. Increase revenues with these Upsell Opportunities.

View an assortment of service fees for 2, 3, 5, and 7 day freeze durations for your ticket. Add your own markup to our service charge.

If the price goes up, we'll cover the difference for your clients up to $300. Based on the flight, our service charges will range from $10 - $90. If the price goes down, you can purchase the ticket at the lower price.

Here is The Fine Print.
When you freeze a flight with Meru, you enter an agreement to pay the service charge returned by our API as a cost of freezing that flight. Meru guarantees that if the flight is booked at a higher price within the specified "freeze duration", we will cover the difference between the newer (booking) price, and the initial (frozen) price at which the service charge was paid, up to a maximum difference of $300. The service fee is not a deposit, and is non-refundable once you have submitted a request to freeze the flight via our API. The service fee will be charged for your card on file instantaneously when .

Every seven days, we invoice you for the sum of the service fees that your organization has accrued in the previous 7 days. We source our fare information from fares published on Sabre Dev Studio. These fares are our source of truth for determining whether a fare has increased or not.

2. Price Prediction. Drive Traffic with this Unique Feature.

Receive recommendations on whether to book now or wait based on whether current prices are high based on historical trends and current demand. See how the price of a flight will change leading up to the departure date of the flight.

Prices are likely to drop! You could save as much as $208 per ticket by waiting to book.

Prices are dropping until Aug 26: Prices will vary dropping as low as $357 over the next 11 months.
Aug 27 - Aug 27: Prices will probably rise about $37 after August 27.
Here is The Fine Print.
Price predictions received via our APIs are offered with no guarantee.

3. Carbon Offsetting. Help Clients Respond to Emerging Regulations.

Calculate the emissions cost of your client's itinerary and process carbon credit purchases on behalf of your clientele so that those emissions can be offset. Provide verification & validation that can be used to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

Here is The Fine Print.
Verification of carbon credit purchases are available at your request and will be processed within 24 hours and sent via email to your agency. All carbon credit purchases are made via Verra, a third-party purchasing platform and exchange.
Transaction fees for this set of APIs are directly charged at the time of API usage to your card on file. Transactions will be posted as made out to Meru Productions Inc.

Serving Offline Agents? Meru will develop a white-labeled portal for your agents to interact with our APIs.

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